…and still charged from this mornings recording session in sunny Sheffield. Been 2 years since my last visit, there’s no better thing to do than writing, being on form and then hearing it back in such clarity. I realised I’ve never had any pics taken of me in a live room before after all these years so Dan’s kindly got some together as well.


In the bag so far for my first LP

After being like a flat capped furrier version of the Tazmanian devil this year with setting big things up, iv’e recently had some time to myself n consequently have been able to write and so have finished the “soothing fingerpicking idea” which is now Tuscan Sun. Half way there towards completing my first LP and proud of how it’s coming together. So in the bag so far is


Might Just Catch Your Eye

Young Blood (Instrumental)


Out Into The Light,


Tuscan Sun


Bear hug a luv, Al




Progress towards first Album & live show prospects

Developed more of the drums yesterday with Keith J Ramskill for my new song ‘Out Into The Light’. It was formerly called ‘Riff Driven Idea’ for over two years, and will one day feature on my first LP currently standing as the fourth piece of music complete.

I’m aiming to begin playing my new stash of songs this Autumn/Winter and show what I’ve been crafting whilst hopefully studio recording.

Best wishes,





Happy New Year everyone and all the best

First update of 2013 from me is  I’ve been developing my next song temporarily titled “Riff Idea” and especially after these last few days it’s now really taking form. I hope to play  some gigs in the near future. Best wishes,  Alex

My first free download

Young Blood (Instrumental) 

I had planned on keeping this in my stash till next year…. but changed my mind :) Hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes,


‘Might Just Catch Your Eye’ now on Youtube!

Newest song now up on Soundcloud

Recorded ‘Might Just Catch Your Eye’ in the studio this afternoon…. went very well.

Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Included some audio from the recording I made in the Skyspace earlier this year. Be up on Soundcloud soon. Hoping to have the live video of the song on youtube soon as well.
Hope you’re all well.

Best wishes,


My first live video…

My Sister and I filmed my first live video today in the Deer Shelter Sky Space for my new song ‘Might Just Catch Your Eye’ and it went very well. She did a great job, I never doubted she wouldn’t. Curious little Lambs all over the shop on the lush Yorkshire green! Watch this space…

York EP Launch

Thanks to everyone for coming to my York EP launch by the river on Friday. Had a very gracious and attentive crowd, lots of laughs and loved performing to celebrate the body of work. Thanks to my supporting guests and expect some photos of the event in the near future.

Best wishes,